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Benighted Betrothal is an old-school adventure for 3rd-level parties of wandering adventurers, compatible with the Basic and Expert editions of D&D, and any modern simulacra such as Old-School Essentials, Basic Fantasy RPG, and Labyrinth Lord.

The players are outsiders from beyond the fjords, visitors to Gnupr, but are welcomed to Jarl Olaf Gunnbjörn's feast. The Jarl's daughter is celebrating her betrothal into an ambitious rival clan, it should be a joyous time! Yet there are forces working against the union, and without the players' intervention there will soon be blood on the ice.

Inside this handsome hardback book you'll find

  • 1 old-school D&D adventure, easily inserted into ongoing campaigns,
  • A story of familial drama and old curses,
  • 17 fleshed-out and interactive NPCs with conflicting desires and secrets to be uncovered,
  • 20 different hired swords ready to join the party,
  • a table of old-school random wilderness encounters,
  • A dark and evil curse,
  • Enchanted weapons,
  • 6 key locations to investigate,
  • Ample no-violent solutions for savvy players,
  • A dungeon AND a dragon!

Written by Sándor Gebei, illustrated by L.F.OSR, Odysseus Jones, & coloured by Peter Onyschuk


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Benighted Betrothal

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