Best Left Buried: The Deluxe Edition

Product code: SM003

Best Left Buried is a fantasy horror game where the monsters are scary and the players are scared. Within the Crypt, these adventurers will be beset by strange monsters, bizarre environments and eldritch magics, which will take them on their journey from fresh faced recruits to grizzled survivors.

The Deluxe Edition is all you will ever need to play Best Left Buried. It contains all the player facing rules found in the Cryptdigger’s Guide to Survival, as well as the tips and tricks provided for the Doomsayer in the Doomsayer’s Guide to Horror. We’ve also included a few special tricks: high level Advancements, Demi-Human Archetypes and Random Character Generation. This 152 page book is all bound up in a glossy, hardback tome that would look beautiful on anyone’s coffee table.

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Product Code SM003
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