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To purchase this, and other Foundry VTT modules, please visit our partners at Hod Publishing.

Duke DeCorticus is dying!

The peaceful lynchpin duchy of Plandra is under threat. Its quasi-arboreal ruler is starved of his esoteric earths, sedition is rife, assassins glint in the shadows and green ink is everywhere! The quest to restore stability takes you to the Rainbow Badlands, across the precipitous face of The Wall and into the very vaults of the hump-backed sky!

Fronds of Benevolence is a wild race against time through a new and very TROIKA! world. The book provides the players with everything they need to run a multi-session journey through a branching map of locations loaded full of curious encounters and loose ends ready to be stitched into ongoing campaigns. Includes 12 new enemies, glorious art, and Advanced Geometric Timekeeping!

This module contains:

  • 31 Actors: 12 new monsters + all the other NPCs players will find during the adventure
  • 17 Journal Entries: the complete book, with all the entries for the places players will visit, new monsters, rumours, etc. Everything you need!
  • 1 Scene: the amazing pointcrawl map, with a Fog of War configured, so your players only see what they already visited, totally linked to the journal entries!
  • 20 Rollable Tables: all the rollable tables/decisions/hazards available in the book. But we decided to make the GM’s life easier…
  • 19 Macros: not only macros for rolling a table easilly, but a complete system of Timekeeping proposed by the book in a full automated way!

This is a digital version of the Fronds of Benevolence game for the Foundry Virtual Tabletop. A Foundry Virtual Tabletop base license is required for use. Check the package page for current module compatibility.

To purchase this, and other Foundry VTT modules, please visit our partners at Hod Publishing.

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Foundry VTT: Fronds of Benevolence

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