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Fungi of the Far Realms
Fungi of the Far Realms
Fungi of the Far Realms
Fungi of the Far Realms
Fungi of the Far Realms

Product Description

Fungi of the Far Realms is a guide to over 200 fantastical mushrooms. Each mushroom is lavishly illustrated in traditional watercolour and annotated by the esteemed fictional mycologist E. Q. Wintergarden, creating a diegetic field guide of such indulgent quality as to put most real world examples to shame.

The book is system agnostic, with a mild preference towards your typical fantasy RPG, but is robust enough for most uses you could think of. The majority of the book is the titular guide book "Fungi of the Far Realms" and the rest is mechanical assistance in using these mushrooms in your home games.

Reviews and related media

'I love the singular focus and commitment to an idea that Fungi of the Far Realms offers. It raises eyebrows and confuses people. It looks and feels like an esoteric book you find at an estate sale or in the nether reaches of a second-hand book store, where you pick it up and wonder why it even exists. But beyond novelty, there is solid usability here. It’s one of the most unique RPG tomes  I own, and I treasure it for that.' 

- There Will Be Games

'A perfect book I will cherish for all my living years.'

'This is about the most brilliant supplement for TTRPGs that I have ever seen.'

- Goodreads reader reviews

If it wasn’t clear from the above this thing is amazing, both as a book and as an object. From a functional perspective the amount of content it can inject into your games is frankly astounding, and its gorgeous production makes it a joy just to read and use. 

- Pixeldie


Thread sewn hardback with screen printed cover
Issue Date
16 Sep. 2019
Isbn Number
15.4 x 2.4 x 21.6 cm
Melsonian Arts Council
Product Code
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Customer reviews

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This book makes for a great supplement to my games.

The wide variety of fungi and molds in this book make great additions to any game. With the wide range of affects and abilities some even have the potential to have whole quests, or even campaigns, centered around them!

Lane Schmidt | United States of America | December 2021

An Excellent Guidebook

Fungi of the Far Realms has beautiful depictions of hundreds of different mushrooms and fungi. All the descriptions are worth the read. An excellent purchase for adding unique and interesting fungi to your stories and games.

Kyle | Florida | December 2021

This book is adorable

I am so glad I grew up to be the kind of person who impulse buys a catalogue of fictional mushrooms and squees like a dork when he finally gets to read it.

The item is exactly as described on the tin: a book about fake mushrooms you could expect to find in any given fantasy world. It includes a set of system agnostic rules to help you randomly select a mushroom for your players to encounter (complete with mouthfeel description for when the barbarian player decides to eat it). There are also descriptions of poisonous and hallucinogen effects in a very useful set of appendices.

But the book's true purpose goes beyond gaming.

It's the kind of thing you should have lying around your house for guests to randomly pick up. They will casually look through it, only to wonder if they've entered your home or a portal to some sort of elsewhere. There will be people "get it" and instantly know you're the kind of oddball they should spend their time with and the rest can go chew on a Fool's Truffle.

Thank you for making this book.

John | Virginia, USA | December 2021

Beautiful Book Arrived Promptly

My copy of Fungi of the Far Realms arrived very quickly and was in perfect condition. The book itself is stunning, beautifully bound and filled with fantastical art and descriptions - we've already used it in our D&D and Ultraviolet Grasslands campaigns.

I always try to buy from small and independent businesses and I'll definitely be tossing coins to Melsonian Arts Council in the future.

Nick | Fife | December 2021

Great book, shipping takes a bit

Book looks good, definitely a slightly rustic (due to the older style) coffee table worthy book. Looks great inside. Shipping took about a month, but it isn’t Amazon and I think it was international so no biggie. Just a heads up. Order it and forget like me an it’s a fun present for yourself!

Ian | Pennsylvania | December 2021

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18 Customer Reviews

Fungi of the Far Realms

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