Knights of Gartania

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Hidden away in the lost and forgotten corner of the map lies the Kingdom of Gartania. A land of Knights, and Chivalry, and unique and eccentric armour. A land of knights waiting for their stories to be told.

These knights are not your average group of Sirs and Ladies. They’re brave, strong, cunning, good, evil, loved, loathed, creative, destructive, and, sometimes, slightly obsessed with fish! They all have a tale to tell, will you be the one experiencing their tale first hand, or will you lend your hand to ensure their task is complete?

Just because you can’t see their face doesn’t mean they don’t have a story to tell.

This Hard-backed book is 104 pages long and contains over 40 Knights, complete with their own DnD stat pages, character descriptions, family tree, weapon stats, and class information.
Each spread features a knight with level 1 stats and figures and also includes a Progression box for DM's who wish to have the character as a higher levelled NPC.

Although it is aimed at towards people who play Dungeons and Dragons, it can be enjoyed by everyone else as well.


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Product Code NHILL002
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