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Longshot City is the super heroic roleplaying game where you and your team of baddy-bashing buddies kick seven shades of JUSTICE out of world ending villains, all in a lavishly illustrated 70-page book. With just this book and a couple of six-sided dice you'll be able to provide years of comic-book adventures for you and your friends.

Longshot City, the place, is a dangerous town and the players are protecting it. Build your own hero team from a huge selection of Archetypes and Origins, covering almost anything you can think of! Are your a trenchcoat mage who got their powers from being sucked into a work of fiction? Or maybe you're a parasitic powersuit from outer space? And if your imagination is bigger than one book, fear not! There are simple guidelines on how to make more.

The rules are based on the classic tried and tested science-fantasy RPG, TROIKA!, so you know it's good! 

What's Inside?

Longshot City has everything you need to start and stay playing for a long time:

  • 36 player character Archetypes ranging from ace reporters to superpets. The rules support almost any kind of hero you can think of.
  • 36 hero Origins, like experimental clones and one-way time travellers! With the archetypes this makes 1,296 possible combinations of hero.
  • 24 arch-nemesis each using our innovative Motives & Methods system. A powerful tool for making and running a tense campaign.
  • 3 procedural campaign structures you can follow to get running a super hero game TODAY.
  • Rules on how to patrol Longshot City and bump into trouble with barely any prep. Players can look for trouble and the GM can take a break!
  • A Conspiracy Board system to keep track of your villains, their relationships,      plans, and methods. Never forget an NPC grudge again!
  • Escalation rules! Set the villains plans in motion and see if the heros can foil them before they come to fruition.
  • A sectioned map of Longshot City for you to explore.
  • KO Tables! Heroes don't drop dead, they get kidnapped, have character altering flashbacks, or get an awesome grimdark relaunch.
  • Nameless Grunt creation! Every villain needs an army.
  • Inventions, vehicles and hideout creation system! Be the super-scientist of your dreams.
  • Game system based on the best selling science-fantasy RPG, TROIKA!, with suggestions on how an enterprising GM might combine them.


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Longshot City

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