Rakehell: Issue 1 - The Rift of Mar-Milloir

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The Rift of Mar-Milloir will always be contested between two kingdoms, though neither will ever have the means or desire to enforce that claim with true rulership. Each year, the representative courtiers will send spies and assassins to one another’s court, to beguile, berate, and suffer further insult to see the conflict never ends. No one goes to Mar-Milloir who has a choice, it is a wretched and perfidious region of serpent-haunted mountains, wayward nephilims, and heretical holdouts who refuse the reformation of the Grand Heliopapacy of the Cathedral Tempestuous.

Rakehell: The Rift of Mar-Milloir is a setting toolbox zine built for use with Knave but easily adapted to any dark fantasy system or setting you desire. Included are strange weapons,  player-facing questions, monster aesthetic generators, unique factions and two dungeon modules to drop your players in the midst of vile brigands or deadly dragons!

Written by Brian Richmond, layout by Arielle Skwirut, and faction art by Lulu VanHoagland. Published by SoulMuppet Publishing, printed by Mixam. 96 page softcover adventure and setting toolbox. Black and white. 


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