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Availible now to pre-order, a new full length TROIKA! adventure from the creator of TROIKA! and the classic adventure Blancmange & Thistle.

One day not long ago two towers appeared from nowhere. Now they sit at the centre of a growing circle of blight where nothing lives and nothing grows. The rivers have soured, the birds don't fly overhead anymore and every day the quiet dying grows. Armies have been sent to the towers of slate and chalcedony to topple them and none have returned, soon the whole world will be a blackened desert. YOU are our last hope.

In this adventure you will send your players to investigate the twinned and twisted wizard towers of Slate & Chalcedony, uncover the secrets hidden in their almost 70 weird and worrisome rooms, and save the world from a slow and choking death!

  • Discover new and unpleasant spells.
  • Meet a cast of NPC wizards that delved too deep into arcane excess.
  • Best a dangerous vertical dungeon packed with peril.
  • Befriend Gentle Hurmin the pig.
  • Encounter no fewer than TWO dark lords of apocalyptic proportions!
  • Possess a transdimensional threat easily insertable into ongoing campaigns.
  • Defeat an adventure so threatening that even the most jaded players will believe they're heroes by the end of it!
  • Play in classic dungeon crawl style for ages. It's huge.

Pre-order now and receive a special discount and limited edition poster map exclusive to those who pre-order.

Expected to release in summer 2023.

PLEASE NOTE: All books bought together with a pre-order will ship when the pre-order is posted.


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Thread sewn hardcover
15.4 x 21.6 cm
Melsonian Arts Council
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