The Undercroft #2



A print and PDF copy of the 2nd issue of The Undercroft


Between the Cracks 
An adventure to pillage a dead sorcerers home

The Pit of Flesh: A Bestiary 
A selection of beasts

The Storkman 
A creature who kidnaps children

Piteous Potions 
Tables of potions for Sirs delight

The Briar Witch 
A creature who enjoys her silence and solitude

That Which Slips Between 
An indifferent creature of exceeding Otherness

The Snailing 
Once men, though now possessed by the demon of greed

A story

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"The Feel - How does Lamentations grab you? What is it's mouth-of-the-horse aesthetic tingle? Not entirely decided on this, maybe Green Devil Face would be a template, in which case I would say that The Undercroft zine is making headway towards a cohesive expression of these feelies.. and perhaps exceeding some along the way." 
Wil McKinnee

(T)his is perfect for those who like weird, horror and LotFP. In my humble opinion there can never be enough material like this. 
Thaumiel Nerub

PDFs can be found here.

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