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Troika! is a complete yet wildly open role-playing game. Players can expect to fly through mystic space, get lost in infinite cities of the gods, and meet strange & wonderful people all the while using a robust and familiar game system. ​

With just one book and a couple of six-sided dice you'll be able to provide years of adventure for you and your friends. Once you're ready for more there is an abundance of material printed by the Melsonian Arts Council and Troika!s huge number of third party publishers and fans.

Inside the book you will find:

  • A full automated character creation system that generates exciting starting points for players to build upon
  • Weighty lists of spells and enemies to encounter
  • A baked-in plane-hopping setting which draws you into the world and allows you space to build upon its sturdy foundations
  • Lavishly illustrated by Jeremy Duncan, Dirk Detweiler Leicthy, Sam Mameli, and ENnie award winning Andrew Walter

Reviews and related media:

"Troika!,... is one of the best rules-lite systems out there right now."

There Will Be Games

"Troika! feels damn good. I love the matte softness of its pages, the warmth of its colours. Something about its palette really edifies the art – by Jeremy Duncan, Dirk Detweiler Leichty, Sam Mameli, and Andrew Walter; a veritable dream team."

Zedeck Siew

"Imagine, if you will, that Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett have returned from the dead. They both pile into a Ford Cortina and take a long drive across the American Southwest, pondering the nature of the fantasy genre. Once they arrive in California, they legally acquire several ounces of the finest cannabis sativa and hotbox the Cortina. Then they write an RPG. This, roughly speaking, seems to be what produced Troika, a delightfully simple and delightfully absurd game."

',,,it’s really good. And different. And weird. You should buy it.'

- Technical Grimoire

"It feels decadent and almost febrile, the same way David Lynch's underrated adaptation of Dune does; I imagine the world of Troika! is hot and sweaty and everyone is struggling under some sort of summer cold."

'Troika! is just a delightful game. The art is fantastic and weird; really setting the tone for what to expect. The physical book itself of great quality, it feel like it's going to last for a long time'

'Troika! is just the right amount of silliness for the tabletop. It's low-key on information overload for the players, keeping character creation fairly short and dodging the tropes that come with current day RPGs'

'As a game, Troika! is a blast to play. As a book, it's a blast to read. As a design space, I'm addicted. You owe it to yourself to check this out.'

- assorted reader reviews


Thread sewn hardcover
Issue Date
13 Mar. 2019
Isbn Number
15.4 x 1.4 x 21.6 cm
Melsonian Arts Council
Product Code
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What a beautiful thing!

Incredibly easy to get in to. You could easily generate characters for a group of four players and a games master in a matter of minutes. The artwork is phenomenal, the descriptions of everything are fantastical, you can very vividly visualise what is being described to you. I love the character creation, I am particularly fond of the the dream journal being written as "almost full" and the paper witch because it's just perculiar. The spells are excellent and remind me of an old system I used to play. Some of them are comical and whimsical like the writing on hurricane, some are very straight forward like explode! If you were considering buying this then I cannot recommend it enough, it's an excellent investment and definitely something you will keep coming back to and playing over and over. 10/10.

Philip Goldsmith | Manchester | October 2022

Amazing book!!

Everybody needs this book in their collection. Its an inspiration of science fantasy, that encourages you to use your imagination!

Steve | North Wales | August 2022

The best kind of chaos

This system is the most amazing chaos. The art is insane and the one shot they've provided is crazy and it's all just so much fun! They provide such amazing character outlines that you can choose from but it's totally conceivable that you can come up with your own crazy concepts. It feels almost if a Picasso piece was made into a whole system: odd, yet strangely familiar.

The only problem that I ran into was that the rules and how to play were unclear at times and felt incomplete. I made some of my own home rules and consulted with my players on how they felt something should be played to try and fill in some of the gaps. But even then it's a wonderful little system that you can mold to your needs.

Kasey Noden | La Vista | August 2022

Best and most whacky and free TTRPG I have played

Probably the best table top rpg I have ever played. The writing in it is very esoteric and vivid, yet it leaves enough open for you to fill in the blanks yourself. I find whats so refreshing about Troika is how open it is. It is easy to just make up rules and work things out on the spot and run by the rule of cool. Other games like DND get so bogged down in the rules and restrictions for casting spells and creating characters but still utterly fails at making balance. But Troika really opens the doors and allows you and your players to create any world you want. Its easy to make unique characters in this and just as fun to roll up new characters in a flash. Its super fun to get a character who is out of your comfort zone and make it work. Making new characters is so easy you can have absolute meat grinder adventures with no trouble. The art in the book is also fantastic and really paints a glimpse into the weird and whack world of troika. I cannot recommend this enough. It is simple enough to introduce TTRPGS to newbies and open enough as a refreshing twist for seasoned veterans.

Austin | Australia | May 2022


The simplicity of a dagger in the back, and the heat of a strip poker game on a dying star. Troika! gets everything wildly right, and doesn't bother with such extra weight as outlines or complete pictures. This game stays evocative and rich from cover to cover, while leaving you to fill it the gaps between the stars. Refreshing!

Mercury | Minneapolis | November 2021

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19 Customer Reviews


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