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Melsonia and an independent bookshop, Iglootree, have teamed up to offer this mixed Troika charity bundle to benefit Doctors Without Borders. It includes two of the newest Troika book published by Melsonian Arts Council, and three excellent independently published Troika add-ons donated to us for this bundle.

The proceeds of sales of this collection will go to Doctors Without Borders

This charity Troika bundle contains:

Troika! Softback edition

TROIKA! is a science-fantasy role-playing game where you and your cosmopolitan group of fellow travellers explore the ends of the multiverse. You will fly on mystic barges, help dying gods, solve confounding crimes, plunder dead worlds, and meet strange & wonderful people.

Whalgravaak's Warehouse

The interdimensional warehouse of the cruel wizard, Whalgravaak, towers over the bad part of Troika. Suddenly abandoned long ago, its vast store rooms are still full, watched over by dangerous interlopers and sinister hangers-on. What treasures await YOU in WHALGRAVAAK’S WAREHOUSE?

Articles of the Arcana

"Tarot—much like Troika itself—is about interpretation, experience, and instinct. There is a framework, a set of agreed-upon rules for experiencing it, but ultimately the bulk of the application is left up to you. This guide is intended to provide you with a loose framework for how to incorporate tarot into your Troika gameplay."

Backgrounds and other supplementary materials for Troika! based on the tarot, by Matthew Gravelyn. Tarot deck sold separately.

Black Knights

Beyond colour. Beyond chivalry. Beyond time. You are a Black Knight. Lordless and doomed.

Black Knights is a 16 page, 2 color risograph zine containing 6 new lavishly illustrated Troika Backgrounds, stats and Mien if you choose to use them as NPCs, a quick way to transform a current character into a Black Knight, and a loose 10"x8" double sided print of The Dragon for GM use.

Ætherjack's Almanac

How exactly do golden barges traverse the humpbacked sky?

The anti-canonical answer to that is found here in the first issue of Ætherjack’s Almanac. Covering the three most common forms of engines, an unemployed elemental background, and npc statistics for air and fire elementals.


Melsonian Arts Council
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