Troika! limited edition preorder

Product code: MACX

Well I'll be jiggered, I'm all out of Troika!s. 

Not to worry! We've been planning for just this eventuality. See that picture? That's a draft of the limited edition version of the second printing cover. You follow? 

Ok, here it is:

  1. We're out of Troika!
  2. We're printing more.
  3. We're selling a fancy limited edition cover to anyone who buys this pre-order. We'll print as many copies of it as we have purchases of this. Or 100. Whichever is more.
  4. If you don't want this new cover you can just wait for the OTHER listing to come back in stock.
  5. IF YOU ALREADY OWN A COPY OF THE NUMINOUS EDITION YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY THIS. The only internal difference is some minor edits and tidies.

The pre-order will last for a couple of weeks and then we'll be off to the printers.


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Product Code MACX
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