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Troika! is a complete yet wildly open role-playing game. Players can expect to fly through mystic space, get lost in infinite cities of the gods, and meet strange & wonderful people all the while using a robust and familiar game system. ​

With just one book and a couple of six-sided dice you'll be able to provide years of adventure for you and your friends. Once you're ready for more there is an abundance of material printed by the Melsonian Arts Council and Troika!s huge number of third party publishers and fans.

For one low price you can get a head start with Troika. Everything so far, months of prepared material for your games to get you started down a road to fabulous new worlds of role-playing.

This bundle includes:

  • Troika! Numinous Edition
  • Fronds of Benevolence
  • Very Pretty Paleozoic Pals: Permian Nartions
  • Acid Death Fantasy
  • Slow Sleigh to Plankton Downs
  • A big discount!
  • 5 pre-written adventures for months of no-prep games
  • Over 100 character backgrounds
  • More spells than anyone could reasonably require!


',,,it’s really good. And different. And weird. You should buy it.'

- Technical Grimoire

'You’re in the desert, walking along the sand, when all of a sudden you look down and see a turtle. On its shelled back is a book. Through the heat haze the title comes into focus; ACID DEATH FANTASY.'

- Beyond the Weird

'Laughing out loud while reading the scenario. Laughing even more while playing it. And the fact that after an evening of gaming, I still had only used about a quarter of the locations detailed in the book.'

– Swanosaurus​​​​​​

'Troika! is just a delightful game. The art is fantastic and weird; really setting the tone for what to expect. The physical book itself of great quality, it feel like it's going to last for a long time'

'Troika! is just the right amount of silliness for the tabletop. It's low-key on information overload for the players, keeping character creation fairly short and dodging the tropes that come with current day RPGs'

'As a game, Troika! is a blast to play. As a book, it's a blast to read. As a design space, I'm addicted. You owe it to yourself to check this out.'

- assorted reader reviews


Melsonian Arts Council
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MAC019, MAC016, MAC021, MAC014, MAC024
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Troika Consumes The Sky

's P. good.

Connor Caulfield | The Sky | October 2021

Quirky, Original, Uncomplicated

Troika and its attendant volumes shoots for the moon on being different and hits its target.

Being a 30+ year player of TTRPGs, there is so much in many games that borrows from tropes, and this is where these books shine. The bestiary, character classes and overall descriptions of setting are sparse in a way that leaves and requires GMs to make it their own. I find myself intrigued by the openness of the framework provided, while being thrilled with a mechanic that does its best to stay out of the way of the storytelling. The art is compelling in its simplicity, not for everyone, certainly, but it makes me happy.

Only drawback I really felt was the form factor of the books. I am used to 5e et al books, these are smaller in dimension and therefore feel odd in the hand. A small quibble certainly, but it was off-putting initially.

J Heilman | Pacific Northwest USA | October 2021

Shocking fast international shipping

I mean, right, boats a backed up, postal services private and public are buckling, but Melsonia somehow got these books to me days before the expected shipping date. Also, the packaging was very solid, with little plastic edge protectors to keep the corners of the books sharp. I am excited to read through all these books and spew some Acid Death in the direction of the PCs. I love Dirk's art in the main rule book and the giant grub cannon in Acid Death seems like fun.

T.L. | PNW | October 2021

A wild RPG approaches

I received my copy on a Tuesday and ran the game at a convention on the Saturday. I found the ruleset easy to digest and great for creating on-the-fly NPCs.

Jason Bratley | Sheffield | October 2021

An amazing set!

It is what it is - a great indie RPG. If you are buying it, you probably know you need it :)

Piotr Przybysławski | Warsaw, Poland | October 2021

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14 Customer Reviews

Troika! Starter Bundle!

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Product Code: MAC019, MAC016, MAC021, MAC014, MAC024

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