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Before even the Dinosaurs walked the land, fabulous Dimetrodons defined wetland fashion. Behorned Xenacanthus sharks deftly negotiated sacred treaties. Nautiloids and Ammonites plumbed the deepest of philosophical depths. Thrinaxodons and Broomistegas cooperatively developed sophisticated aquacultural techniques. These paleozoic folks learned well the values of peace, respect, cooperation and communication.

Then, or course, Humans came and the big bullies just took whatever they wanted.

Very Pretty Paleozoic Pals: Permian Nations is an incredibly ancient and positively adorable fantasy land, and a setting, or Sphere, for the Troika! RPG. It includes two adventures, 

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"This is wild space, much more of a frontier, offering to make good on the promise that TTRPGs can offer limitless imagination and possibility." 

There Will Be Games

"If you're still reading at this point I assume it's because you don't know the wonderful force of nature that is Evey. Strap yourself in, you just found your new favourite RPG writer."

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Thread sewn hardcover
Issue Date
9 Dec. 2020
Isbn Number
15.4 x 1.5 x 21.6 cm
Melsonian Arts Council
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Very thorough and charming expansion for troika

Those who are fans of dinosaurs and more wholesome worlds will love this book. The book contains everything an expansion book should have, new dinosaur playable classes, monsters, spells items and a runnable campaign including maps and characters and things to do.

The art in the book is overall great, though i will say a good portion of it isnt quite my flavour. Some of it seems to be trying to capture like a cave drawing style done with MS paint. With all the books i have bought from here the quality of the book and colors down to the font and texture of the pages is fantastic.

The playable characters are done by having 6 different species of creature then with 3 "sub classes". All up there are 18 new player backgrounds

There is a wide breadth of different fantasy dinosaurs in the book which go from tiny little nautiloid creatures to gigantic amphibians and shark like creatures. Some are more magical and some more banal, there are also more straight up fantasy creatures like ghosts and tangles of black shadow. I will say I wish some of the dinosaur names had more of a "common tongue" name, as most of them have more of a made up Latin name. I say this as I can seldom remember what half of the creatures are, If they had a latin name like Inostrancevia and then an extra short common name like saber toothed fur gator or something it would be easier to recall them. I think the only dinosaur i can remember just from the name is a Natiloid because it is close to our word nautilus. But oh well im sure if you play through the quest and explore this world more the names will come easy to you. I have mostly been using the book for encounters and expanding character creation options.

Despite a couple of hiccups to me in terms of the names and some of the art i strongly recommend this book to expand your worlds. I think it would be especially fun for children, people who are big fans of dinosaurs, and people that want to add more dinosaur type encounters to their game. I think it is great value as you are getting characters, monsters, spells, and adventures plus some extras too. Whilst some of the other expansions will be solely an adventure or characters or monsters.

Austin | Australia | May 2022

1 Customer Reviews

Very Pretty Paleozoic Pals: Permian Nations

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